The Fascinating History of Danville, California

The city of Danville, California has a long and captivating history. Located in the San Ramón Valley, it was first inhabited by the Miwok Indians of the bay, who lived near streams and camped on Mount Diablo in summer. In 1860, the Danville Post Office opened with hotel owner Henry W Harris as the first postmaster. Harris reported in 1862 that there were 20 people living in the city proper, and that 200 votes were cast in the last general election. Stories about California's prosperity spread far and wide, and people from the Midwest and East began to settle in Danville and the surrounding valleys.

Most of the new settlers had been farmers and found that the land in the valley was fertile and that the climate was mild, making it an ideal place to live. The 1869 census counted nearly 1800 people in the combined Danville and Lafayette areas. They occupied or bought land from Mexican and other landowners and established ranches, farms, and businesses. Farmers built warehouses and transported crops by rail regardless of weather conditions, and residents traveled to and from Danville with ease they hadn't experienced before. Housing developments such as Montair and Cameo Acres were built, water and sewer districts expanded their boundaries, and the new I-680 highway that crossed Danville in the mid-1960s permanently changed the landscape. The Danville Presbyterian Church was inaugurated in 1875, after a vote by Protestants on what denomination it should have.

Daniel and Andrew Inman bought 400 acres of old Danville with their mining profits in 1854, after living here for a summer two years earlier. Today, Danville is a thriving community with a population of over 42,000 people. It is renowned for its excellent schools, beautiful parks, vibrant downtown area, and its close proximity to San Francisco. It is also home to many corporate headquarters such as Chevron Corporation, Oracle Corporation, AT&T Inc., and more. Danville has come a long way since its humble beginnings as a small settlement populated by pioneers looking for a better life. It has grown into a vibrant city with a rich history that is sure to continue for many years to come.

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