12 Challenges of E-Commerce Businesses in Danville, California

Small e-commerce businesses in Danville, California are faced with a range of challenges that can be difficult to overcome. From cybersecurity risks to competition and customer experience, there are many obstacles that must be addressed in order to succeed. We spoke to industry experts to gain insight into the most common issues faced by e-commerce business owners today and how to address them. Victor Congionti, chief information officer and co-founder of Proven Data, is well aware that small e-commerce sites need the right cybersecurity practices and tools.

To protect data and prevent cyber attacks, Congionti recommends implementing tighter access control and data security software. Additionally, business owners should be mindful of the risks associated with traveling with connected devices. Competition is another major challenge for small businesses in the e-commerce space. To stay ahead of the competition, business owners must keep up with competitive prices, products, and services.

If orders become too overwhelming to handle on your own, consider outsourcing e-commerce order fulfillment and shipping. Phillip McCluskey, chief commercial officer of One Earth, notes that the average worldwide conversion rates are less than 3%. To attract relevant traffic to your site, you must provide information in multiple languages. According to CSA Research, 76% of online shoppers prefer to buy products with information in their own language, 92% would prefer to buy in their local currency, and 33% would abandon the basket if prices are only in USD.

A lack of planning can lead to a loss of nearly 50% of e-commerce website visits. To combat this issue, Tan suggests understanding who you are targeting in order to create a customer base that is your constant source of income and loyal buyers. Automating sales tax compliance can also help your business comply with changing sales tax laws in California and beyond. Finally, successful experiences in the field of e-commerce require clarity in product offerings, prices, loyalty programs and more.

To adapt to this new way of buying, e-commerce companies must focus on their product information management (PIM) so they are prepared to respond to API requests and sell on unconventional channels. E-commerce businesses in Danville, California have a lot of challenges they must face if they want to succeed. From cybersecurity risks to competition and customer experience, there are many obstacles that must be addressed. By implementing tighter access control and data security software, keeping up with competitive prices and services, providing information in multiple languages, understanding who you are targeting, automating sales tax compliance, and focusing on product information management (PIM), small businesses can overcome these challenges and achieve success.

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