Grow Your Business with Video Marketing: A Comprehensive Guide

Video marketing is no longer a new tool. It has been around since the 1940s, when the first video commercial was broadcast on a New York television station during one of the Yankees' games. Nowadays, it is hard to underestimate the power of videos in the 21st century, and your competitors are taking full advantage of it. More than 87% of them use video as a marketing tool. Video marketing offers companies a flexible and attractive medium with high exchange potential.

The Internet audience watches videos online and 500 million of the world's population watch videos on YouTube, so it would be a big mistake not to take advantage of this tool. Google has been promoting the importance of video content for almost 15 years, and having videos on your website can help you rank higher. Meanwhile, videos can help you achieve a 157% increase in organic SERP traffic. Including product videos on the product pages of the website also helps potential buyers to make a decision. Four times as many consumers prefer to watch a video about a product rather than read about it.

Meanwhile, 20% of consumers may lose interest in the product if it doesn't include a video description. Videos have an extremely high potential for social sharing; they are shared 1200% more than text and images combined. Videos on social networks also increase user engagement by 33%. Simply using the word video in the subject line can increase your email's open rate by 13%. Keep it short; most effective videos for marketing purposes don't exceed 120 seconds.

Focus on the first 10 seconds; these seconds should be enough to address your customer's weak points and promise a solution. Use optional captions; approximately 85% of Facebook videos are viewed without sound. The statistics are similar for the rest of the videos, since many people can't let the sound distract them from other activities. In addition, optional captions optimize your videos for disabled audiences.

28 Video-Sharing Sites to Promote Your Video

Here's a list of 28 video-sharing sites that will allow you to promote your new video to more viewers: SHEFFIELD AV, 13816 Sunnybrook Road, Phoenix, MD 21131.

Product Videos

A product video informs your audience about your best-selling products or services and their main features. Show your product in action and help increase consumer confidence in your company or brand.

Optimizing Your Video Performance

How to grow your business with video marketing? Fix everything you can in terms of distribution, target audience and real video content to optimize the performance of your video.

Video is, by nature, very informative, but the SEO boost it provides could pay off big time in the long run.

Animation Style

Animation is an interesting style because it can be used regardless of the content of the video; almost any type of video can be made with the animation style. With the amount of money a company spends on marketing, an increase in ROI can play an important role in the decision-making process.

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